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"way too early," pulled off the air earlier this year for showing too much cleavage. i'm glad you're listening on se sirius xm radio. text the word awake followed by your response to 622639. we'll read the best responses later in the show. the cast of "sesame street" with me. it will be your cram session. a lot going on including the latest back and forth over don't ask, don't tell. plus new jersey governor chris christie shuts down a heckler. it wasn't even at his own event. you will see the incredible political moment in just a minute. first to the news live at 5:30 here at 30 rock. iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad addressed the united nations general assembly
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yesterday sparking the seemingly annual tradition now of delegations leaving the room in protest. the u.s. and several european delegations walked out after ahmadinejad said that most people believe the u.s. government was responsible for the 9/11 terror attacks. >> translator: some segments within the u.s. government orchestrated the attack to reverse the declining american economy and its grips on the middle east in order to save the zionist regime. the majority of the american people as well as most nations and politicians around the world agree with this view. >> he's right. did a hell of a job reversing the declining economy. the white house said the president thought they were utterly ridiculous. earlier the president spoke saying "the door remains open to diplomacy should iran choose to walk through it."
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president obama also urged world leaders to stop in his words tearing down israel and instead push for a peace deal. >> this time we should reach for what's best within ourselves. if we do, when we come back here next year we can have an agreement that will lead to a new member of the united nations, an independent sovereign state of palestine living in peace with israel. [ applause ] >> a few hours later the president spoke at the clinton global initiative in new york where he had a little fun introducing the first lady. >> bill clinton understands where i'm coming from here. he knows what it's like to be married to somebody who is smarter. somebody who is better looking. somebody that's just all around a little more impressive than you are. all right?
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>> signature clinton laugh. meanwhile, back in washington with their eyes set on regaining power in congress this november house republicans yesterday pledged they release -- the pledge to america. the 21-page governing agenda was unveiled at a hardware store outside washington. there they touted their plan which calls for the repeal of the health care law and also for major cuts in government spending. >> i want to say this slowly so there is no room for misinterpretation. our government has failed us. the republicans' pledge is a plan to stop, stop out-of-control spending and actually reduce the size of our government. >> a government is out of control in washington and we need to rein it in and begin a new drive for a smaller less costly and more accountable government in our nation's capital. these are the things that the american people are demanding and our pledge to america is
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that the republicans stand ready to get it done and beginning today. listen, when republicans were in charge of congress we made our fair share of mistakes. i think we've demonstrated over the last 20 months that republicans have heard the american people. when all of us, every single one of us on the house side pose their stimulus bill twice, we began to send a message to the american people we were serious. >> democrats, of course, ripped the pledge to america for containing what they call the same failed ideas from the bush years. >> republicans have made a pledge but it is a pledge to finish the job of the bush administration, the one they started. it is the latest republican hit put out on the american dream. it is a contract on the middle class. republicans have told us what they believe. but now they're showing us what they would do and we simply cannot afford to let them do
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that. >> after reading it over last night, it occurred if this is implemented what we will see is the infliction of a plague on america. >> a plague on america. the pledge has gained support from republican party leaders including newt gingrich and sarah palin but others have as rear rick. david frum wrote this idea it's like to see a modern republicanism that responds better to the needs of the country while retaining still the tea party's reforming spirit. what i for is the worst of all worlds a republican majority that not only rejects extremist ideas but all ideas. a long delayed bill to help small businesses is heading to the president's desk for signing after clearing the house yesterday. congress will likely not vote on bush era tax cuts after the
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election. democrats want to extend the tax cuts for only the middle class while republicans want the cuts to remain in effect for all americans including the wealthiest. senate majority leader harry reid decided not to proceed without having the 60 votes he needs to break a republican filibuster. republican senator orrin hatch said it was unfortunate that "politics has gotten in the way of making sure the american people's taxes don't go up." government lawyers are trying to stop a federal judge from issuing an injunction that would immediately halt the military's ban on openly gay troops. yesterday the justice department filed an objection to judge virginia phillips' ruling earlier that said don't ask, don't tell is unconstitutional. lawyers argue that the judge would be overstepping her bounds by hauling a policy that is under debate in congress. now it's up to judge phillips to decide if she will issue an injunction to force an end to
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the policy or not. the white house later released a statement saying the filing is in no way diminishes the repeal of don't ask, don't tell. well, for the first time in nearly a century the state of virginia has carried out an execution on a woman. last night 41-year-old theresa lewis was put to death for arranging the slayings of her husband and stepson in order to collect a $250,000 insurance policy. a lot of controversy around that one because some suggest she had mental handicaps that should have prevented her from being executed. finally they do not call new jersey governor chris christie the wrecking ball for nothing. on wednesday he was in california for a campaign event for republican gubernatorial candidate meg whitman. 3,000 miles away from home when an angry heckler interrupted the rally people say witman appeared
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to be handling it well but governor christie, the wrecking ball felt the urge to jump in. >> hey, listen, you know what, you want to yell, yell at me. but don't give her a hard time. we're here -- we're here talking point future of the state of california and the future of our country and you foe what, you know what, let me tell you -- let me tell you this, you know what it's people who raise their voices and yell and scream like you that are dividing this country. we're here to bring this country together, not to divide it. [ cheers and applause ] >> chris christie stepping up to bat for meg witman all the way in california. an early look at the markets all up in your business and anna edwards is live in london. good morning, anna. >> good to see you, willie. yesterday on the equity markets globally it was a tough session actually. today looks as if it could be a little different so we've got the futures for the markets on wall street suggesting that we might see a slightly firmer open. we've got lots of data due out
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in the united states later on so that's going to be one of the things guiding markets today. we said yesterday there would be a lot of focus on the chinese currency and that certainly has been the case. we saw president obama and the chinese premiere wen jiabao having a two-hour lengthy discussion at the sidelines of a u.n. gathering in new york on the subject of the chinese currency. now, of course, president obama and many in the u.s. claim that the chinese currency is undervalued to some 25 to 40% and the argument here being that this hurts american business because it would overvalue in their words the dollar and make exports more expensive from the united states so that's what that side of the argument is so the latest is that president obama has been urging premier wen to take more action and says the u.s. will act in its own economic interests. china has had it pegged to the
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dollar for decades and on again off again and back in june we heard a significant communication from the chinese government that they were going to add more flexibility into the value of their currency but since then we haven't seen a great deal of movement, the yuan has risen by 1.75% only and u.s. lawmakers in the main at least most of them are saying that is simply not enough. looks like we will see a slightly firmer market for wall street at the start of the trade. >> thanks so much. have a great weekend. see you next week. still ahead on "way too early" one new york yankee answers, is it possible for a major league pitcher to hit three consecutive batters? well, yes, yes it is, the yanks get rolled in that big series with tampa. highlights ahead. plus john baner answers another question. is that tan for real? an actual serious answer to that
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that's why there's lubriderm® daily moisture. it contains the same nutrients naturally found in healthy skin. skin absorbs it better and it lasts for 24 hours. later gator. lubriderm. your moisture matched. 5: 4 in the morning. times square comes to life. a check on your weather from meteorologist bill karins. >> good friday. >> if i would say matthew and think tropical system, would you be afraid of matthew? >> not at all. a guy i went to middle school with. >> little matty. exactly. as of now it is little matty. hopefully we'll keep it this way. this is tropical storm matthew that formed in the caribbean.
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regardless, it's extremely warm water and can't escape or harmlessly go out to sea. this has to hit someone and this is heading for the border of nicaragua and honduras during the day today. typically when they go into honduras and nicaragua there is mountainous terrain and mud slides and causes problems with small towns and villages. eventually it could end up into the areas around the yucatan potentially the gulf of mexico maybe even near cuba or florida. this is going to be a long duration event almost like we had igor. the forecast over the next five days keeps it right over mexico or belize. if it's over land it will be weaker. if it's over water this could be a strong hurricane. this forecast is a slip of a coin. we'll watch that the middle of next week. if you have plans anyone traveling to cancun this weekend or beginning of next it won't be enjoyable. the forecast for today can you
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believe it's going to be 95 degrees the end of september in washington, d.c. today? 86 in new york. 90 still in atlanta, the cooler air on the way. watch it progress across the country, saturday only 60 in chicago. atlanta at 90. the east coast finally by sunday the cooler fall air will arrive. atlanta throughout all of the southeast, willie, it's been so ridiculously hot the end of the summer. first relief they get and also could get rain too. >> i guess we'll get close to a record as you say. >> new york city the record is 89 today. we're supposed to be around 86. d.c. should shatter the record. >> thanks so much. let's turn to sports. rays and yankees, the fourth and final game of their series pivotal series, two of the best pitchers going at it. the rays' david price and cc sabathia of the yankees, bottom of the second, marcus timms who has been great for the yankees off the bench this year, two-rung home run gives the yankees an early lead. at the top of the sixth it comes
5:47 am
undo. 3-2 until aybar hits a home run. sabathia walks in the go-ahead run and did not make it out of the sixth and joba chamberlain comes in and stinks up the joint. rays take a 6-3 lead then it just got ugly. heck this out. top of the seventh. yankee reliever vasquez ties a major league record, make a little history by hitting three consecutive batters. that's actually hard to do for a major league pitcher with that kind of precision. three consecutive batters, rays go on to blow out the yankees 10-3. sabathia gives up seven earned runs, most as a yankee so the series is split 2-2 and the rays are a half game behind the yankees in the a.l. east and got a much easier schedule going forward. tight race in the n.l. race giants continuing their series in chicago. strong wind blowing out of
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wrigley. giants took advantage putting up nine runs in the second inning. i don't want to say the cubs are mailing it in but juan uribe and capped it off with a grand slam. same inning. giants win 13-0 and padres lost to the dodgers so they flip-flop again. giants in the n.l. west. two good reasons to show you highlights from mariners and blue jays. we normally wouldn't put you through it but bautista becomes the 26th player ever to hit 50 home runs in a season, bear in mind this is the poststeroid era. all the more remarkable, 50 home runs for jose bautista. that one in the bottom of the first. no player has hit 50 since a-rod and prince fielder. ichiro comes through with his 200th hit of the season. his tenth consecutive season with 200 hits that is a major league record. by the way, jays got the win
5:49 am
1-0. college football number 19 miami looking great at pittsburgh. second quarter, nice play, though by pitt. holiday makes a one-handed interception of harris and tips it to himself. falls down. that was the only highlight for the panthers. harris, a 19-yard touchdown pass puts miami up 17-0. 'canes cruise at pitt, 31-3. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," was it something i said? the united states delegation walks out on mahmoud ahmadinejad's u.n. speech. we'll show you what set them off. when we come back here we'll huddle around the water cooler to watch teenage heartthrob justin bieber get weird last night in a dark tv drama. bieb's interesting career move.
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sentence takers traveled coast to coast all in the hopes of getting a more clear picture of how americans live and work. what they found was the recession is leading more single people to take the plunge and live together before getting married. if you want to sound smart tell your friends the number of opposite sex unmarried couples living together jumped 13% over the last year to 7.5 million
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people. an all-time high according to the census bureau which suggests more may be moving in together due to lack of employment for one of the partners and to share costs. enough of the real news. around the water cooler to talk about john boehner's tan if we could. in the headlines talking about the pledge to america but we want to talk about what you're looking at right there, a man who blends in perfectly with an orange bookcase behind him and asked in a serious manner about his tan by "the wall street journal" yesterday. here is his response, definitive response. "i have never been in a tanning bed or used a tanning product" that from john boehner. there is a poll by the way we should tell you from ohio voters, 30% of voters say john boehner -- i love they even ask this question. john boehner spends too much
5:54 am
working on his tan. he says those voters probably haven't seen him outside cutting his grass, riding his mountain bike. he says it's all natural. from boehner to bieber. justin bieber making his acting debut on "csi" which is a crime drama and plays jason mccann, one of the pak can brothers. he is a troubled teen in the episode in fact linked to a couple of bombings? biebs. >> i didn't have anything to do with the bombs, i swear. just about the airplane. >> i believe you but what's the deal with your brother? >> when the cops arrested ralph, alex snapped. ralph was like a father to us. he was a decent man. the cops treated him like a low life. >> where is he? >> he's got a house in old henderson. >> where? >> landon. >> landon. good man.
5:55 am
>> you better hurry. that was just fireworks compared to what's coming. >> wow, bieber getting into the role. not so bad by the 16-year-old bieber going from the bubble gum music to the dark role on "csi." a kid with range. now finally to the controversy on "sesame street." if you watch it you know they have celebrity cameos. katy perry. you know her, the famous singer, whatnot, has all the famous songs. well, she drew the eye of some parents probably mostly the fathers by showing a little too much cleavage in a little number she did with elmo. let's see if you're offended. ♪ you're up and down you're running around ♪ ♪ you're fast and you're slow you're hot and you're cold yes and no in and out ♪ ♪ i'm starting to doubt >> apparently that was too much for some of the parents. "sesame street" said we decided
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not to air the segment after the fe feedback we got on it. she tweeted looks like my play date with elmo has been cut short. it's at your texts and e-mails are next and "morning joe" just moments away. ♪ since i made it here i can make it everywhere ♪ we need dir. pearblossom highway? it's just outside of lancaster. sure, i can download directions for you now. we got it. thank you very much! check it out. i can like, see everything that's going on with the car. here's the gas level. i can check on the oil. i can unlock it from anywhere. i've received a signal there was a crash. some guy just cut me off. i'll get an ambulance to you right away. safely connecting you in ways you never thought possible. onstar. live on.
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5:59 am, squatters move into upscale neighborhoods. i'm going to have to read more to understand that. we asked at the top of the show what are you doing awake, our producer alex corson has answers. >> than said i'm 52 and had a dream that my childhood friend was trying to talk me into going to a run dmc concert. >> a little too old to be taking acid before you go to bed, no >> i'm up with elmo

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